Thursday, July 1, 2021

Who is responsible for the vulnerability of the power grid?

 It's a travesty of justice that the power grid continues to maintain its state of vulnerability by not utilizing the protective benefit of fiber-optics to prevent the disruption of the reception of its power by its customers by behaving as if its conduction of power is no different than the radio broadcasting of power. Radio broadcast is also subject to interference by its passage through localities which may be harboring strong fields of electrodynamics which are capable of providing interference to its reception.

In other words, why should the FCC become entangled in my affairs as if the First Amendment has exceptions? Who's job is the responsibility for the maintenance of the electric power grid? Mine?

If the grid is vulnerable to attack, then why not make it the responsibility of those whose task is to manage the power grid to protect the grid rather than penalize anyone who disrupts it? Is it anyone else's fault that the grid is vulnerable? Or, is it the fault of its designers and administrators?

The proliferation of free energy is going to continue to increase the power grid's susceptibility to attack due to the uncanny ability for free energy devices to easily generate very strong fields which dislocate the symmetrical causality of electrodynamics making it impossible to manage the power grid in the traditional manner by authority figures who claim to know what's best for us as if we don't know how to manage our own affairs when they can't even manage theirs, ie. the grid. To suppress free energy just to maintain the grid's vulnerability – and arrest anyone for its disruption, such as: the arrest of C. Earl Ammann in Washington, D.C. in 1921 for his successful demonstration of his free energy device in Denver, Colorado – is sheer nonsense.

Free energy disrupts the fundamental causality which is at the heart of our very suppressive version of physics which leads to a despotic control of our very inefficient way of life by bureaucrats acting as the henchmen for military and corporate self-interests.

We live in the slime of stupidity and do whatever we can to defend it – even at the cost of our liberty.

Contrary to federal law, the customer knows what's best – not government bureaucracies.

Free enterprise is the exercise of our Constitutionally protected, inalienable right for self-determination – even if it's not good for the economy.

Since when is any particular version of economics written into the Constitution as a federally protected statute?

If economics is not flexible to evolutionary tendencies, then we might as well commit suicide on a vast scale of demographic magnitude to accommodate the hegemony of an oppressively, narrow-minded doctrine behind physics, electrical engineering, military, corporate and bureaucratic self-interests.

Why waste any more time waiting for our life to pay the next forfeit of our liberty?

Let's take matters into our own hands and not wait around for someone else to give us permission to inject free energy into our way of life.

Thursday, November 7, 2019