Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Beating the Physicist's Conservation of Energy Law


I've updated it. For by rereading it, I realize that a bunch of attorneys wrote the Physicist's Conservation of Energy Law. And then Einstein went and misrepresented that law to us by giving us a false sense of enlarged difficulty as to how to play with it and requiring a huge government grant for nuclear physics experiments when my simple circuit accomplishes it.

Like any good attorney, the truth is hidden in plain sight. Ergo, it has a loop hole in it....

It's not as complicated as Einstein has led us to believe. When performing mind-blowing time dilation thought experiments using a pair of twins and sending one away in a rocket at nearly the speed of light, no such fantasy is required. The following illustrates how easy it is to "beat" this law.

Shifting the voltage versus the current sine waves of A/C electricity is sufficient enough to dilate time RELATIVE TO EACH WAVE BY COMPARISON TO EACH OTHER'S VIEWPOINT.

Isn't that what the two twins experiment was all about? Shifting their points of view regarding their individual time-frames relative to one another? !!!

And if the shift skips past a mere 90 degrees of zero power factor all the way to 180 degrees of separation, then we will have succeeded in dilating time in a manner that does not decompose electricity into its constituent ingredients. This decomposition occurred with the Trans-Atlantic Telegraph Cable in the latter part of the 1800s, but was solved by Oliver Heaviside by wrapping the copper core of the oceanic cable with iron ribbon or iron wire to boost the magnetic portion of the signal which had been decaying. The electrostatic portion had been doing fine. But it takes both halves to make a whole of electricity.

Electrical engineers have been doing all along the decomposition half of Eric's electrical theory (whenever a transmission line's power factor shifts to zero). By comparison, Eric keeps telling us he has done BOTH TYPES OF MANIPULATION.

See what a trick it has been for the attorneys, turned physicists, have misguided us yet again by translating Eric's "decomposition of electricity into its constituent ingredients" into the electrical engineer's phrase, "zero power factor"!!!!!

It's that simple provided that it doesn't cost us more than the outcome to accomplish this. Op-amps are always given to us as an example of how to shift voltage relative to current by 180 degrees.

Magicians love to misguide our attention away from what's really good to know! Because opamps will cost us too much to accomplish what I can do using mere micro amps undergoing simulation in my circuit....

My non-theory English and Spanish "Extending the Range of an EV...etc" books at Amazon and Payhip manages to fulfill these requirements...

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Physics Lies to Us

It's not energy which is conserved; it's force. Energy is recreated all the time to compensate for energy being destroyed by the passage of time whether or not we make use of energy. But forces cannot be created, nor can they be destroyed. Furthermore, forces are the ingredients of energy. And the word: “atom” designates the final frontier of breaking down matter. But electrical energy is *not* atomic. It can be broken down into forces which we can easily manipulate in a simple circuit without having to use atom smashers funded by huge government grants.

Electrical energy is constantly being renewed from eternal forces which are conserved. By knowing how to manipulate electrical energy, it is possible to recreate electrical energy by reusing enough of its constituent forces to prevent running out of electrical energy. To explain this phenomenon, people entering a movie theater may help....

Let's say we need to distribute 100 tickets for a show, but we have only 50 people who are willing to see this show. So, we ask each person to enter the theater twice and tabulate them twice. This analogy breaks down since paying for a ticket does not consume anyone's financial resources if we consider that a force cannot be consumed by its use. And we cannot use a force, nor can we spend time, since time is one of these three subatomic forces unavailable for our use. Time consumes itself. And we cannot consume energy, either. Only time consumes energy.

Time is the only force permitted by Nature to consume energy. It does this by destroying the temporal bond which interconnects the two remaining forces of: the electromotive and magnetomotive. Time can also heal this destruction by reuniting these two forces and renew electricity in a “live” circuit.

These three forces replace the atomic triad we have come to know as: neutrons, protons and electrons.

Neutrons are a label which hides their true nature. They are not generally known as time. Yet, time is what a neutron is. Time determines a neutron's frequency which determines the atomic number and the isotopic variation for each element of the periodic chart.

Protons are another name for the magnetomotive force. And electrons are, in actuality, the electromotive force. This is why electrons exhibit electron volts due to the strength of their EMF.

So in this movie theater analogy, it's as if each person is not charged money for buying a ticket, but is merely tabulated and then credited for having paid for each time they enter the theater without depleting anyone's wallet. This is how electrical energy at the atomic level actually works.

But chemistry is different. In particular, the chemistry of a battery is different. Chemistry and nuclear fusion and fission are limited to the mass of materials supplying these forms of energy, such as: batteries and nuclear warheads.

In contrast, electricity does not result from the mass of copper material carrying electricity through a circuit. It results from two spatial forces: the magnetomotive force and the electromotive force cooperating in time. Time binds these two forces of space together in a tenuous relationship which is constantly being destroyed and renewed with or without our intervention.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Fundamental Discussion of Electrodynamic Theory in Two Parts

What is the fundamental force of Nature? Is it a bidirectional dimension of time, or is it a thematic pair of complimentary opposite Vectors, aka Entropy vs Negentropy, aka Activity vs Transcendence?

Hope Transcends Ignorance

The fact that we have to include time whenever we measure electrical energy incontrovertibly demonstrates that electrical energy – at the very least – is molecular; it is not atomic. And furthermore, this validates, through the use of simple logic, that the Law of Conservation (in physics) cannot conserve whatever is decomposable, but must explicitly conserve what is indivisible, only. Hence, we have been lying to ourselves, collectively, all along, whenever we claim that electrical energy (and possibly other forms of energy as well as electrical) can be conserved or must be conserved whenever we boldly proclaim to one another that “Energy entering into a circuit, or a component, or a portion of a component (such as the dielectric material of a capacitor) must equal whatever energy exits”. Since electrical energy is dependent upon time for its valid and accurate and meaningful measurement, then this precludes electrical energy from being conserved since time is preventing its conservation from occurring. And if we exclude time from our perception of electrical energy, then we're left with only force – two to be precise: the electromotive and the magnetomotive force. It is these forces of electricity which are conservable since time does not limit their existence. It is their mutual cooperation within a context of time which manifests electricity. And it is their disassociation which decomposes electricity returning it to its constituent ingredients. Free energy is, thus, an impossibility since we have to pay for it by reusing force. Yet, electricity is constantly renewing itself from the reuse of forces which are not consumable. For if they were consumable, then they too would not be conservable. But their exclusion from any consideration of timeliness protects their conservation. For time wears away at everything and ultimately consumes itself by liberating ourselves from the ignorant foolishness of believing in self-contradictions. And all for what is our foolishness?.... To maintain the status quo of confusion! That's what!

A confused and blindly self-unaware population is one which may easily be controlled (aka, taken advantage of) by greedy people who want – not money, for they have plenty of that already, but – power. Power is an elixir which never satiates its victim. Instead, it merely creates more thirst for itself without limit.

Ironically, power is what we all want to make our lives easier. Yet, power is strategically monopolized to ensure that it never gets liberally distributed lest the people revolt and retrieve their sovereignty.

Another illogical fallacy is the maxim in which, “Time heals all wounds”. Nay!

It is the transcendence of time which diverts us from time long enough (if even for a fraction of a second) to perceive things the way they really are and not as we would have them to be.

Truth is under lock and key while false modesty runs rampant. It is these false modesties of self-inoculated hypocrisy which rule over us despite our immodest proclamations that we are a free and noble people.

Far from it.

Yet, the fact is.... that I can say these things which proves that hope is within reach.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What is a renewable energy source?

Everything is probably renewable. But I can think of three right away …

Coal, natural gas and petroleum are all renewable energy sources.


Because of the lie which has been taught to us that dinosaurs and other plants and animals falling into pits became tar deposits. Nor did they become oil deposits. Neither did they become gas deposits.

It is a scientific fact, repeatable in any laboratory, that the ingredients of: heat, pressure, time, limestone, water and iron oxide will make petroleum products just as authentic as the ones we claim will run out if we don't switch to renewables in this generation.

Yet, anyone who has made a study of oil fields will tell you that if you cap an oil well and wait twenty years, the field will have refilled itself and be ready for more pumping! This is due to there being a series of fields – each one beneath another – and all of them connected in series so that whenever the one above becomes depleted there is always another field immediately below it to replenish the one above.

So …

There is no energy shortage. There never was, nor will there ever be!

Tesla liked to boast how he could produce radium for a buck a pound a century ago. {The value of the United States dollar has dropped so much over the course of 100 years that equates to about $10k in the currency of today!} If he could do that, then what prevents that technique from turning nuclear power into a renewable energy source! NOT THAT I'D WANT TO USE THE STUFF! Unless Tesla also figured out how to safely handle radium. I wouldn't be too surprised if he did since his X-ray machine was safer and twenty times more powerful than the X-ray machine invented by Roentgen after Tesla had already invented his own variety. {But of course, Tesla never got the credit!}

Is Free Energy Renewable?

Renaming free energy “renewable energy” is the politically correct thing to do these days given the fact that using the former terminology is the quickest method of getting booted from a forum and permanently locked out. And it makes sense, from the standpoint of accuracy in speech, to call it renewable since force is being reused to generate an endless supply of energy. It's just that I'm addicted to the thought that if something is endless, then it must be for free – right?

To recapitulate...
Force is not tied to time, so it is reusable. Energy is tied to time, so that makes energy renewable since newness implies a sense of timeliness as to whether energy is old energy getting spent or new energy getting revived.

If it is old energy getting spent, then it involves a positive resistance working against the positive flow of current traveling from areas of high voltage and proceeding towards areas of lower voltage.

Yet, if it is new energy getting itself revived, then it involves negative resistance working with the flow of current traveling from areas of low voltage, or areas lacking any voltage, and moving towards areas of higher voltage.